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Are You Thinking Of Starting A Podcast?

Are You Thinking Of Starting A Podcast?


Here's what you need to know.

Today, starting a podcast is quite simple. One can do so with the help of modern technology and without the need for any professional experience. But before you jump on the bandwagon of podcasters, take a read this article to see if it's for you.

Are You Thinking Of Starting A Podcast








What is a Podcast?


A podcast is a digital audio file you can download from the internet. It usually consists of an audio or video recording (or both) of someone speaking. You can find podcasts on sports, politics, music and comedy, among others. Nowadays, most podcasts Are created by everyday people like you and me or people who have no recognizable voice. Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of internet content today. People worldwide who want to learn new things, share their opinions and enjoy the company of others are turning to podcasts. If you enjoy communicating with people and if you have a topic that is worth sharing, then starting a podcast can be a great idea.

It's also possible to complement your existing business by adding another revenue stream through your podcasts. Podcasting is an excellent opportunity for small businesses. You could set up an online store where people can purchase products and download podcasts simultaneously. If they want to speak to someone about what they heard on the Podcast, they can contact you through telephone or email.'' For instance, you might create podcasts for customers who can't come into the store because of their location or time constraints.

All of the above makes a lot of sense, but we haven't covered what I consider the most crucial part of Podcasting.


The single most important thing in starting a podcast is the right mindset to go with it. Your attitude is crucial because it affects how you communicate with others. For example, if you feel happy, energetic, and confident, you will say the same to your listeners. You don't need people to tell you how to feel. You know how to feel, and you express this to the world through your podcasts. What will you talk about? Ask yourself if it interests you or is just something you think your listeners will want to hear about. Clarity is essential because it means the Podcast is more than just a recording of someone talking. It's more like an interview where the host asks questions, and comments and gets input from their listeners. Many people think Podcasting is easy because all you need to do is sit down and talk about a topic for an hour. However, it's not as simple as that. You need to have some foresight and realize that Podcasting will be an ongoing process. You will have to start asking people what they want to hear from you, find ways to add value and build your credibility as a podcaster. If you are starting in business or Podcasting is a hobby, then be honest with yourself. It's better to spend your time on things you are passionate about because that passion will be reflected in your work. In this case, Podcasting is the perfect way to improve your communication and content creation skills. But if you can't always say what you feel or if you think of something and say it immediately, then Podcasting may not be for you at this stage of your life.

The internet is littered with podcasts that have been abandoned; people start them with great passion and excitement. The reality is that while it is easy to create a podcast, it's challenging to keep it going without the correct mindset.

When you have a why, the how becomes more manageable; if your why is a strong one, you'll want to put it into practice every day. You'll live for the moment, and Podcasting will be a part of expressing your why. I believe if you have a strong enough why then the how becomes easier.

Ok, so I have a why and I'm excited, so what now?  Below are the absolute basics of what you will need to start a podcast. I will go into more advanced setups and how to grow your Podcast in future articles.

Starting A Podcast, the basics:

  1. A topic you want to talk about
  2. A microphone, your laptop's built-in one, can suffice
  3. A relatively quiet area to record
  4. an internet connection
  5. Audio editing software, I do consider this vital for even the most basic podcast setup.
  6. An episode title, description and artwork designed to attract your ideal listener
  7. A podcast hosting service, you can get away with a free service; however, if you are planning on being in this for the long run, instead, spend some money on a podcast host.

That's about it, now, get out there and start sharing your stories with the world.

Ps: If you would like to ask me questions about starting a Podcast or make any comments, please leave a message in the comments section below.