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Should you start a Podcast for your business?

Should you start a Podcast for your business?



Should you start a Podcast for your business?



Many small and medium-sized businesses are finding ways to market themselves beyond the traditional media like radio and TV. Podcasts are an inexpensive and flexible way to reach your audience. However, there is a catch: all the podcasting companies still seem to be in their infancy stage.

There is no reason for you not to try podcasting for your business. Before you plunge in, take some time out to read this article on how podcasts can help transform your business into a marketing powerhouse.

Podcasts are nothing but audio programs which are typically built around a specific topic or interest. If you want your business featured in podcasts, you can listen to these programs and even submit an interview request. The main attraction is that your company or product can be promoted without spending too much money on advertisements. Podcasts are often used by small businesses to attract their target market.

Podcasts are not new. There are already hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there. Podcasts are an excellent way to reach out to your target market without spending vast amounts of money on advertisements and running it like a radio channel. There is no single podcast company that is the market leader, and there is no problem finding a good podcast channel. It's much easier now than ever before, as you can now listen to podcasts on iTunes, Google Play and iHeart Radio and a host of other platforms.

Everyone who has the internet can listen to podcasts. Podcasts are not limited to a particular age group, which means that you will be able to market your brand even further. The best part about podcasting is that it does not have any limitations in terms of the topics advertised or talked about.

Podcasts are inexpensive to produce. If you want to market your business with a podcast, there is no need to hire a professional or an agency. All that needs to be done is set up the equipment, host the show and move forward. That being said, there is a fair amount to learn to host your podcast successfully

Here at Watts Involved, we are happy to chat with you about setting up your business podcast. We run training in groups or individually on the A to Z of Podcasting. And if it all seems too much like hard work for you, we are happy to do all the heavy lifting for you.

So drop me an email at david@wattsinvolved.com and we can chat